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Gerard O’Connor dabbled as a go go dancer, night club owner, fashion designer, and eventually graduated photography school a fine artist. His graduation show featured classically based elaborate imagery that was both beautiful and grotesque-caller Extremes and ignited controversy. It was to set the pace for his career.

He soon found that he could pair his aesthetic with his love of fashion and began creating editorial work that was relevant --- and modern.It wasn’t long before art directors seeking shots with a point of difference took notice of his work and Gerard has had regular ongoing contracts with major national clients ranging from Targot to editorial He has been responsible for images on world wide campaigns also shown in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Art Directors know when working with Gerard that he will breathe life into their vision and then up the ante. He and stylist Marc Wasiak work tirelessly in pre-production to create elaborate sets and props often from scratch to achieve a finished shot that adds to their initial vision.

His pictures have garnered over the years awards and industry accolades.- such as The Art and Design Award s for Best U K magazine award in 2004 as well as M A D C
award s for fashion advertising campaign s , please enjoy the work.

Gerard O'Connor Curriculum Vitae

Gerard O'Connor